Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Watermelon Granita

When I first saw this slush-type drink/dessert, I thought it was crushed ice colored in red with some flavoring. But when I tasted it, I got to know that it was made from watermelon. So I couldn't wait to try it at home.

Granita is an Italian semi-frozen dessert made with sugar, water and fruit. I used watermelon as it's my favourite summer fruit. As the name indicates, watermelon is 92% filled with water. Here is a hint on how to select a ripe melon:
To pick the perfect watermelon, use the hand to thump the watermelon. The sound will either be solid, like thumping a piece of wood, hollow like tapping a water jug, or thick like tapping a water balloon. If the watermelon is not ripe enough, it will sound solid. If it is too ripe, it will sound thick. A perfect watermelon will sound hollow.

  1. Seedless Watermelon chunks - 4 cups
  2. Sugar - 1/2 cup (or depending on the taste of the melon)
  3. Water - 1/4 cup
  4. Lemon/Lime - 1 no. (extract juice)


  1. Boil Sugar with water until sugar has dissolved and the solution becomes clear. Cool it completely.
  2. Grind the watermelon chunks along with lemon juice and sugar syrup prepared above. Check for sweetness and add sugar if required, as the dessert is less sweet after it's frozen.
  3. Pour into a shallow, wide pan and freeze for 1 hour. Rake the mixture with fork and freeze for another hour. Rake and freeze for one more hour.
  4. Rake and serve in cups.


borset said...
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Anonymous said...

Instead of putting the finished one in a cup, and instead of using extract you can use and actual lemon rind or lime rind and just use the juice from that. It can be healthier for you than juice from extract.

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