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I am Lakshmi and I would like to share my passion of cooking and crafting through this blog. "We are what we eat" - I strongly believe in this. I try to keep my recipes healthy and wholesome. I like to make different arts/crafts using simple things and I collect different handicrafts that portray Indian(Asian) culture.

About me, I am a software professional currently living in the US and waiting for the right opportunity to continue my career. My twin interests of cooking and arts/crafts keep me engaged during this lull in my career.

I am fortunate to get a lot of support and encouragement from my husband, my parents and my sister to pursue my interests. My husband is my greatest critic (either it's cooking or it's crafting) which makes me better to the best.

You are always welcome to try and modify my recipes according to your taste. And if you tried and/or liked something from my blog, please feel free to post your comments/feedback. Btw, your comments will get published on the blog only after my approval.



Manjusha said...

The header is so tempting. I so wish I had all those fruits & juices on my table :) I was pleasantly surprised when I visited your blog today.

Lakshmi said...

Its the photo of my placemat(bought from India).

Kavitha said...

Hi Lakshmi,
i saw ur question on hahanandi. u can get malli in home depot. even some local nurseries have them. u can also buy at


Lakshmi said...

Kavitha, thank you for your comment. I tried checking at Home Depot in our place but they said they were out of stock for Arabian/Indian Jasmine.

prema said...

Lakshmi, this is just awesome. You have become my cooking teacher from now on. I didn't know you had so much talent. Now I will keep trying all your recipes. I've become your fan. You are in my top bookmarks.


Lakshmi said...

Thanks Prema

Welcome to Lakshmi's Kitchen. Your feedback is always welcome. Happy reading.


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